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    Making Threads in the Media Archive

    New Threads in the Media Archive

    When making threads in the Media Archive section of the forum, please keep the following things in mind:

    1.0 - Thread Titles

    For the title of your thread, make sure you use the following "Prefixes" to your threads if needed so people aren't confused.

    DL: - To use for threads with a download link in. Do not use if you're requesting media, or use the ??: prefix if you're not sure about the media you're posting.

    RQ: - Used for the titles of Request Threads (Threads where you are requesting a certain piece of media).

    ??: - Use this when you're not sure about the media you are posting, for example if you have found a "Full Out of Control" or you've not had time to download the media you have posted yet. If the media you have posted is fake, a Moderator will close it.

    Also, when creating thread titles you must keep your thread titles as simple and to-the-point as you can. Here's an example for a remix:

    DL: Born This Way (Sam's Club Remix)
    instead of
    HOT new Born This Way REMIX by Sam, AMAZING, DOWNLOAD, 2011!!!

    The 2nd (Red) will be warned the first time and the second time, the creator will receive an "improper thread title" infraction.

    2.0 - Uploading Media

    There are many different sites for uploading your media to. If you're having any trouble, you can refer to the list below in this thread. Different sites have different features such as some have a waiting time of 50 seconds but allow bigger uploads and others have no waiting time but a lower upload size limit.

    Mediafire - One of the preferred sites for downloading from because of how easy it is to manage your files/put them in sharing folders and there is no waiting time. There is a limit of 200mb per upload though, so make sure your file isn't over that before trying to upload!

    Megaupload - Another very popular file host! The limit of file uploads is up to 1gb (Although with a premium account, bigger files can be downloaded). There is a waiting time of 50 seconds when downloading from Megaupload and downloaders also have to input a code.

    Multiupload - Great for making "mirrored" downloads due to the fact that there are 6 different sites that your file is uploaded to. There are no real disadvantages of Multiupload because it depends on the sites you select to upload the file to.

    Filedropper - Has a HUGE maximum upload limit of 5gb so it is great for if you are planning on uploading a large file. It claims to be the fastest file uploader, although I haven't used it enough to know for sure. It certainly is fast!

    Of course there are plenty of other sites you can use to upload your files too, but these are probably the most common.

    3.0 - Image Hosting

    If you need to upload an image to somewhere and show us, there are different sites you can use to do that. Here are some examples:

    Photobucket - Great for uploading multiple images at once. With a free account you can organise your photos into albums and make them easier for private and public browsing.

    Tinypic - Good for uploading a single image but uploading multiple images can be a pain. It is quite easy to upload and get the image code but once you have uploaded your image, there is no deleting it!

    As with media uploading sites, there are loads more image hosting sites you can use for uploading your images.
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    Updated the "Thread Titles" prefixes, please start using them correctly in thread titles!

    Also, you MUST keep titles simple and to the point, for example:

    Born This Way (Sam's Remix)
    instead of

    If you make a title like the 2nd, you will be warned about it. If you do it again you will be infracted.
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