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    Possible Scamming for Unreleased Material

    If you are to get involved in trading of unreleased music, please keep the following things in mind:

    ~If I am given proof that you intentionally lied/scammed another person into giving you unreleased material, then you will be banned.

    ~Please make it clear to both parties what is exactly being traded.

    ~If you are to pay for songs, please use paypal so you can reject giving payment if you were scammed.

    ~MAKE SURE you know what you are trading before you actually make the trade

    ~DO NOT harass another member for their unreleased music. If I am given proof that you are harassing another member, you will be banned.

    ~DO NOT these deals not publicly on the forum. I don't want to see any evidence of this on the forum. You can talk via PM but I do not want to see any threads about trades or complaints about being scammed.

    Again, if any member is going to be participating in this activity, please make sure you are getting exactly what you are asking for, whether its through listening to a snippet of the song or over skype.


    PM me if you have proof of member scamming or harassing you if you wish to take action.
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