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    GaGaDaily FAQ Thread

    Not sure how to do something? Need a refresher? Here is a list of FAQ’s that members have asked over the last few months. If you see something that still isn’t addressed, feel free to ask.


    How can I change my avatar/signature?

    Go to the Settings box in the top right corner and click that. On the left hand side under my settings,there’s an option to change your signature or avatar. Please remember to follow all avatar/signature rules.

    Avatar:180 by 200 pixels or 1.91 MB (whichever is smaller).
    Signatures: ”Signature images that exceed 650px in width, 300px in height, or 300kb in file size are not allowed. Furthermore, using animated pictures for signatures and avatars is not allowed. DO NOT post nudity in your signatures or avatars.”

    Also gifs aren't allowed in sigs or avs.

    How can I change my username?

    You may change your username once a year. If you would like to change your username, please go to the help and support section of the forum, and the “Username Change Request Thread” and post a request. It has to be within 15 characters and cannot include "GaGa" in any capitalized way.
    Also if you change your name, please put your former username in your signature so we know who you are. It’s also helpful if you have a few names in mind just in case the name you want is taken.

    How do I change my password?

    Go to settings on the top right corner of the page, and then on the left hand side click edit email and password. Follow the prompts.


    How can I post an image/signature?

    First you must go to a website such as imageshack.us or tinypic.com and upload it there, following the site’s directions. Once you have a link to that image, copy it and in the post box you should see an image like this:

    Click this and then another box will show up. Paste the URL into there and hit okay. Hit post, and then you should see the image in your post. Same thing with signatures in the edit signature section.

    How can I post a video?

    GGD supports videos from places such as Hulu,YouTube,  Vimeo  Dailymotion  Metacafe  Google and  facebook . Go to the page where your video is, and copy that URL. (for example, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrO4YZeyl0I&ob=av3e is bad romance). Go to the reply section or a thread and find an image that looks like this:

    Once you click that, a box will pop up asking you for the URL of the video. Paste the URL into that box, and hit okay. Then you can click post and the video shows up within the post.

    How do I post a poll in a thread?

    Go to the section of the boards where you’d like to post your thread with a poll. Click “+Post a New Thread” box on either the top or bottom of the boards on the left side of the screen. Fill out the thread normally. At the bottom under Additional Options, there’s an option for a poll. Click the little square to indicate that you would like to include a poll, and right under that is another box where you input how many options you would like users to choose from. It could be up to 10 choices, and enter how many options you would like. Click submit new message and it will say “ thank you you will now be taken to your thread. If you opted to create a poll, now you may do so”. Don’t freak out, it just takes you to another box where you can edit the poll. The site already posted the thread so the members can see your thread before the poll starts. Enter what you would like to ask members, and all the options they can choose from. If you would like to have a multiple choice poll, there is an option under “miscellaneous options” to do so. Click that little box, otherwise members can only vote for one option. By default this box and make votes public box are unchecked. Once complete, hit post poll and it should show up on your thread.

    Once you create a thread, you can’t make a poll. If you wish to have a poll, make a new thread and notify a moderator to close the other thread.

    How do I edit/delete a post that I have made?

    Go to the post and click “edit post” on the right hand side and you may change it. Keep in mind, if you post something mean and someone quotes you, you can’t change the quote in their thread. There is also an option here to delete the post as well.

    How do I quote other people’s posts?

    Go to the post that you would like to quote and click “Reply With Quote” and you will see a post ox pop up with the persons’ quote in the box. You may type underneath that and post normally.

    How do I quote multiple posts?

    This may be a little confusing. See next to the quote button, there’s a pair of quotes in a speech bubble with a plus button? click that on every post you would like to quote and a blue checkmark will appear. On the last post you would lke to quote, click “reply with quote” and voila! You will have multiple quotes to reply to. Type normally and click post.

    How do I change the name of my thread?

    The original poster I believe has the ability to change the thread when they click “edit post” on the thread itself. If not, just ask a mod. Please remember no thread titles in all caps please

    How can I delete threads that I have created?
Currently there is no option that offers that. We tend not to delete anything, but we do close threads. If you would like a thread closed, please PM a moderator and they can do that for you no problem.

    How do I post with a warning tag or a spoiler tag?
    Spoiler Tag Code:
    PHP Code:
     [spoiler]This is a spoiler tag![/spoiler
    Spoiler Tag Display:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Warning Tag Code:
    PHP Code:
     [warning]This is a warning tag![/warning
    Warning Tag Display:
    This is a warning tag!


    How can I search for something?

    On the top right is a search bar. It’s under the ads on every page. You can search the entire forum for any term that you want.

    How do I get a signature/avatar?

    We have 20 talented graphic makers in the fan art section who would be more than happy to create graphics for you. Go to the fan art/ graphic artists section to check it out and follow the makers’ requests. It’s that easy!

    What are notifications and why is it lit up on top of my screen?

    That means you have a visitor message, private message, or friend request. To access them easily, click “Notifications” on the top right of your screen and you can choose what you would like to view.

    Someone really bothers me on here. Can I block them?

    There is a way to do this. Click “settings” on the top right of the page, and then on the lefthand side about 3/4ths of the way down you should see “Edit Ignore List”. Click that and enter any usernames of people you would like to ignore. Hit okay, and that person is on your ignore list. What this means is that in a thread, their posts and visitor message will be masked so you can’t see them but if you would like to see what they have to say there will be a button to press. If you ignore them, they can still see your posts and anything else you add onto the forum.

    How do I take people off of my ignore list?

    Go to the edit ignore list box as explained above, and click the names you would like to un-ignore. Unclick their usernames and hit save changes and all their posts will be visible as they were before you put them on.

    I see something against the forum rules. What do I do?

    If you ever see something that you don’t think is appropriate on the boards, please report it. For example,

    POSTS: if you see a post that offends you, within the post on the bottom lefthand corner there is a little triangle with an exclamation point in it. Hit that and it takes you to a report post form. Enter what you think is wrong with this post, and hit send report. A report is filed and mods can take care of it.

    Go to the visitor message and hit “report” in the top right corner. Fill out according to directions above. Click hit report and a report is filed.

    Report it in the same manner as a post.

    NOTE: when reporting, please be as thorough as possible.

    I am over 18. How may I access the adult forum?

    For those not in the know, GGD has an adult-only section. If you are over 18 and would like access (Yes, WE DO CHECK), please make a post in help and support section/The Adult Only Section Permission Thread and leave a request. You will be added shortly.

    What is invisible mode and how do I go invisible?

    Invisible mode means you are invisible to other members, and are only visible to mods and admin. If you would like to be invisible, got o settings on the top right of the page and then on the left hand side, click on general settings. First option is invisible, click the little circle as to whether or not you would like to be invisible, then click save at the bottom.

    Why can't we have colored user titles?

    It takes a bit of time to do that and not all mods can do it.

    How many points do I need to receive before a ban?


    How do I know if I got an infraction?

    You get a PM in your user inbox. If you don’t have one, you’re okay.

    I changed my username and want another one. Why won’t it happen?

    Because you changed it already. Usernames are only able to be changed once a year.

    Why was my signature image deleted?

    It was either too big or a gif. Please read the rules! In due time, we will start cracking down on huge signatures.

    I want my account deleted. What do I do?

    Get into contact with a moderator if you want it permanently deleted. If you want a temp ban to keep you off the site till a certain date, ask a mod. We have had people do that in the past.

    Why did my post count go down?

    Something was deleted.

    Who runs the GGD twitter/facebook profiles?


    I made an account but can’t post yet. Why?

    A new way to combat trolls is to have all new accounts approved. Should be a few days, but we screen all accounts beforehand to protect the board.

    Why was the original BTW news thread closed? Why can’t we have it back?

    People were spamming it and it wasn’t on topic. There’s another thread in Gaga Thoughts now. Same thing, but different place. In due time we'll figure out what to do when real news hits.

    The boards are telling me I have a new Visitor Message when I don’t. How can I fix this?

    That’s a more technical issue, but through exploration if you delete a VM on your page it should go away. If there’s any other way people have found out, please share

    How come I have an ad in the first post of every thread?

    You have less than 100 posts (I BELIEVE. It's either 100 or 200 posts). Once you post more they will go away.

    Could we have GGD Mobile?

    no idea.

    If there's something that you think I missed, please PM me and I'll add it to this list. Also if someone ask these questions in the board somewhere and you don't want to explain them, give them this thread's link. Thanks!
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