1. Born This Way Ball Discussion
  2. The Savage Highway Ball starring Lady Gaga
  3. BTW Ball gonna be EPIC.
  4. Alternate Names for the BTW Ball
  5. Opening idea for the BTW Ball
  6. Who would you like to see as opening acts on The BTW Ball?
  7. Wich song could be great to open the BTW Ball Tour?
  8. Who's gonna spoil the BTW Ball?
  10. Rumored setlist of the BTW Ball Tour
  11. When do you think BTW Ball dates will be announced?
  12. Meet & Greet?
  13. The Set-Lists Thread
  14. Ticket Thread
  15. Jo in the BTW Ball?
  16. BTW Ball Meet And Greets?
  17. Brian May at the BTWBT?
  18. The stage
  19. What're you planning to wear?
  20. WHERE will the tour start?
  21. What would you like to open the BTWB?
  22. Tips for front row (or anything) in GA?
  23. BTW Ball closing and encore
  24. Which two unreleased songs at the Born This Way Ball?
  25. Children In Need Show GGD Meetup
  26. What do you imagine The Born This Way Ball to be like?
  27. when she comes to town?
  28. What songs will Gaga sing forever on her tours?
  29. Invented Tour Dates. I'm such a :flop:
  30. Confirmed BTWBall countries.
  31. What song to open the Born This Way Tour?
  32. The props
  33. Idea for a live performance of "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)"
  34. So happy because...
  35. First and last song of the tour?
  36. UK Born This Way Ball Meet-Ups
  37. Convince Gaga to bring her tour to your country
  38. BTW Ball ticket prices
  39. What songs by other artists should Gaga sing on BTW Ball?
  40. The BTW Ball Interludes
  41. Minneapolis/Saint Paul BTWB
  42. BTWB Merchandise?
  43. How early do you have to be there?
  44. New Orleans BTW Meet Up
  45. Born This Way Ball Fashion.
  46. BTW Ball Prices