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  1. Misheard lyrics.
  2. Simple Gaga Questions
  3. i love every single gaga song ever
  4. "Born This Way" Album Lyrics † Song Info Database Thread
  5. If you could show a non-fan ONE video...
  6. Official "Hair" Thoughts Thread!
  7. Hair Appreciation Thread
  8. Scheiße Appreciation Thread
  9. Heavy Metal Lover Appreciation Thread
  10. Electric Chapel Appreciation Thread
  11. Superstar Appreciation Thread
  12. If you could live in any Gaga video...
  13. Favourite Fernando Garibay produced/co-produced track?
  14. Favourite verse from each song on BTW?
  15. Hair is more of an anthem than BTW but...
  16. Marry the Night Video Ideas
  17. ELECTRIC CHAPEL *rarely ever talked about*
  18. Born This Way Future Singles Thoughts
  19. Guess which is the "Unexpected Single"
  20. 1 Month and a Half Later... BTW Survey
  21. What's the most underrated song from Born This Way?
  22. Great new Gaga sound!
  23. Gaga Songs You've Never Listened To
  24. Badly translated Gaga songs
  25. What song can fit the Mermaid theme?
  26. Something about Government Hooker
  27. Electric Chapel has different lyrics in the booklet...
  28. I don't think You & I is the next single
  29. Born This Way's Biggest Anthem
  30. Yuyi: Which song you bet on ?
  31. Latest Hints Analysis - The Upcoming Video
  32. You & I Begginging of First Verse - 1st or 2nd?
  33. What does Gaga say in STA?
  34. #BTW4thSingle
  35. Sad About Singles..
  36. Vibes of You and I and The Edge of Glory
  37. Singles, the good and the bad
  38. You And I, 4th Single: THE RECEIPTS!
  39. Questions about You and I's production...
  40. Why was Animal not on TFM?
  41. Do you want Yoü and I to be the 4th single?
  42. Future Lady Gaga Singles
  43. The only song missing from TFM was...
  44. BTW a flop?
  45. Living On The Radio OR U&I
  46. Another Ending Chorus in Lyric Booklet of Highway Unicorn?
  47. Will we ever hear ALL of the versions of the BTW album?
  48. ELECTRIC CHAPEL - Crazy Prediction
  49. In Scheiße...
  50. Which part is Government Hooker's Chorus ??
  51. "Born This Way" fourth single discussion thread.
  52. Trying to organize my Gaga songs, need names. Help please.
  53. Scheisse interpretation: drug themed?
  54. unexpected single
  55. Top 5 Most Played Songs Off BTW?
  56. Remember when we thought Born This Way would sound like this?
  57. Second Time Around...
  58. List of artists Gaga has written for/given songs to?
  59. "it'll never be a single...."
  60. MTV Looks at Possible Gaga Singles
  61. TEOG Video and 4th Single controversy...
  62. New Out of Control Lyrics?
  63. Gaga Lyrics You've Never Understood
  64. Lady Gaga's most underrated song! EVER!
  65. These songs will NEVER be singles
  66. Heavy Metal Lover & Ribbons
  67. Cher, Lady Gaga, and RedOne - Greatest
  68. Y+I: How well will it be received?
  69. Bad Kids Question
  70. Gangstarr's Idea For a Bloody Mary Video (In-Depth, Long Read)
  71. BTW Songs You Originally Thought Would Be Fillers
  72. Vote for LadyGaGa Short Films (Long Music Videos) to come back !
  73. Your BEST LadyGaGa Video(s)
  74. Go back in time, Re-Release singles !
  75. Government Hooker 4th single.
  77. Old Songs becoming New Favorites?
  78. Looking at "Take You Out" differently.
  79. Snubbed Singles
  80. Discussion about Unrelased Songs and Leaks for 2011.
  81. What happened to the "Go"s in the Heavy Metal Lover instrumental?
  82. The GGD gaga song sing along.
  83. Songs sampled by Gaga
  84. What songs on BTW in your opinion relate to the album title?
  85. Hint about scheiße?
  86. Yoü and I, what genre does it fit into.
  87. Bloody Mary reference from Alejandro times
  88. How often do you watch Gaga's music videos?
  89. The Official *I wish these were the lyrics* Thread
  90. Arrange LadyGaGa Album Tracks Descending from MOST to LEAST Fave.
  91. If Gaga release a Bonus Track from Born This Way as a single...
  92. Clicking fingers on songs
  93. New video in " a couple days" ?
  94. VH1's top 100 videos of 2011
  95. "Americano" Question
  96. Americano - ft Nigel Thornberry [FUNNY]
  97. Favorite meaning from the songs on Born This Way?
  98. Anyone else pretty sure You and I is the Next Single??
  99. if it turns out there's no mermaid in the video at all
  100. LadyGaGa Music Videos Series [Sounds like a GREAT IDEA]
  101. Gaga Talking Scheisse
  102. Connection between "The Queen" and the Judas' video?
  103. "Future Love" Appreciation Thread
  104. Which song do you associate with each pony??
  105. Unknown song, new lyrics?
  107. 25 most viewed Music Videos of 2011
  108. When Bad Kids is performed on tour...
  109. What track from BTW makes you think of the word ANTHEM most?
  110. The "You and I" Music Video Story?
  111. Confusion regarding the storyline in "Judas" (Mary/Judas/Jesus)
  112. Thoughts on You and I Set? + MORE PICTURES
  113. You have all the songs on CD and
  114. You and I wasn't gaga's decision, mostly the labels
  115. Who would you like to produce the most songs on next album?
  116. Predictions about Gaga's videos.
  117. Best Set Of Remixes?
  118. Possible 'Greatest Thing' lyrics?
  119. 5th Single..
  120. Official songs that resemble "Gaga" songs thread.
  121. Bad Romance (Pretty overrated ?!)
  122. I heard Greatest on the radio.
  123. LadyGaGa tracks that reflect your personality
  124. Still wondering why Fooled Me Again wasn't on The Fame.
  125. Releasing old songs again?
  126. Government Hooker Appreciation Thread
  127. The Edge of Glory - It Gets Better Music Video (Gay Marriage)
  128. The "Bloody Mary" Appreciation Thread
  129. The day Government Hooker was previewed...
  130. You and I + Livin on the Radio?
  131. Ü&I Slays On The Radio
  132. Why hasn't Judas been sang on the piano yet?
  133. the next, next single?
  134. Born This Way Remixed
  135. Odd thought about BJ+AM
  136. Predict "Yoü and I"'s Hot 100 peak
  137. Is HML Dubstep!?
  138. Does anyone else hear "filthy cunt" in "Heavy Metal Lover"?
  139. Your Remaining 10 single choices
  140. "The Greatest Thing" Excitement Thread
  141. Hair music video idea
  142. Which song of BTW was written in dublin?
  143. Gaga had a body double during the Diner Scene in Telephone?
  144. What's your favourite scene from a Gaga music video?
  145. You and I remixes
  146. How would you feel if Scheisse gets the DITD treatment?
  147. Least favorite song on BTW?
  148. Worst song on TFM
  149. The 'Hair does not deserve to be a single' thread
  150. Worst song on Red & Blue
  151. Least favorite song on TF?
  152. Worst video?
  153. Did Lady GaGa record her own version of Hypnotico?
  154. Heavy Metal Lover is one of the best pop songs of all time.
  155. Most overrated non-single from Born This Way?
  156. Your Favorite Part of the Song
  157. Best unreleased song?
  158. What Gaga song are you listening to right now?
  159. Most Underrated Non-Single from Born This Way
  160. The 'Americano does not deserve to be a single' thread
  161. I'm sick of the same songs on live performances
  162. Best Remix From BORN THIS WAY Album
  163. Do you think Bad Romance is overrated?
  164. "Bad Kids" - Michael Jackson influence?
  165. Favorite Line in "You And I"?
  166. Where Gaga song(s) rate on your Favorites?
  167. Least / Most played songs from Born This Way?
  168. Would you want Gaga to do an animated video?
  169. What song from Born This Way has the most plays in your iTunes?
  170. Hair MUST be a single.
  171. Bad Romance VS Judas
  172. Absolutely hate any Gaga songs?
  173. They're not really my favorites ...
  174. Electric Chapel or Bloody Mary ?
  175. Bad Romance VS Scheisse
  176. The Edge of Glory Music Video Interpretation
  177. MTN, TEoG or Hair ?
  178. YES or NO to "Better" Remixes ?
  179. My idea for electric chapel video
  180. Heavy Metal Lover, Government Hooker or Sheisse ?
  181. Americano, Born This Way or Bad Kids ?
  182. Your Favorite Bonus Track From BTW
  183. Waiting for the faster version of hair...
  184. What are your favorite Gaga related parody/comedy/cute videos?
  185. Let Love Down
  186. Yoü & I live: does Gaga play the piano?
  187. Select group of singles from the three albums
  188. "Give me your money or I'll hold my breath" from BK - Thoughts?
  189. Male versions of Gaga songs.
  190. Your Master Ranking
  191. Why is Hair video private?
  192. Speechless vs. You and I
  193. First or second half of Born This Way?
  194. Best Album Artwork
  195. Best Single Artwork
  196. Why do you think "Judas" underperformed?
  197. Favourite BTW Song
  198. Any songs not 4/4?
  199. Three Very Underrated Songs
  200. The Edge Of Glory - Crazy Interpretation
  201. Why on earth did she release You&I?
  202. Is 'Bad Kids' good single material?
  203. Watch This Now!
  204. Songs named after body parts?
  205. Does Judas lose its religious feel for anybody else?
  206. elements you've noticed with the producers
  207. Songs that you still want to be singles off of BTW?
  208. Gaga song you're really into right now?
  209. Does anyone else go through this process with Gaga songs?
  210. I'm GLAD DITD wasn't released...
  211. Thank god that she didnt make Alejandro video latin looking
  212. so did we ever figure out who actually sings on Perfect?
  213. CURRENT Favourite Song [August]
  214. Best Remixes?
  215. Is Gaga planning on making Hair the 5th single ?
  216. Why the "ü" in Yoü and I?
  217. Shoüld Gaga do a high profile remix for Yoü And I?
  218. The censored part in Government Hooker
  219. My theory about what happened between TYLM/Fashion of his love...
  220. Should she do a high profile remix for Scheiße, GH, &/O HML?
  221. What Type of High Profile Remix Would You Like?
  222. Red & Blue Appreciation
  223. Gaga songs that you will always stan for?
  224. Then You Love Me/Earthquake CONFIRMATION
  225. Bad Lip Reading: GaGa, Bruno Mars, Jay-Z 'Morning Dew'
  226. The Power That Is: Americano
  227. Does anyone else love Marry The Night?
  228. You and I - Jo Calderone version
  229. Continuation of Telephone?
  230. Do you think Hair is censored?
  231. 9 singles
  232. Three months later....
  233. Songs you expected way different!
  234. help -- who is this dancer??
  235. Particular in "Telephone" video
  236. Born This Way (the song) appreciation thread
  237. Do you want her to perform You & I at the VMAs?
  238. All in favor of "The Queen" being a single?
  239. Born This Way : "I need to survive 2011 and 2012 !"
  240. My concept to the 'Americano' video (It's a great read)
  241. Is Government Hooker single-worthy?
  242. If Gaga just performed Yoü & I at the VMAs
  243. Best song, lyrically, on BTW
  244. Scheiße Or Dance In The Dark?
  245. Born This Way Plays?
  246. Scheisse CANT BE A SINGLE NAO
  247. Singles don't fail by themselves, Promotion is the factor !
  248. My Idea for the VMA Performance
  249. Top 15 Gaga songs ?
  250. LadyGaGa - Born This Way Revenge